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Spiritual Industry
My proposal for understanding Industry :-

I'm considering the entire industry as I (individuals), families (F), NM (non-profit, Micro), SM (Small, Medium) and L (Large) enterprises.  So ideally it is IFNMSML Enterprises.  But governments and banks mention only MSME and Large Enterprises separately.  As for other IFN - N is the largest professional segment worldwide including temples.  F could beat many if only it were more professional.  while many may like to wait for it I would want to move on with NMSMEs.  I's are the key for all of FNMSMs.  May not be so for Ls as they are too large for individuals to make an impact.

I treat F separately from NMSMs.  For me, F is one segment.  NM is one segment and SME is another one.  They all need to decide who they want to learn from, not penalize the person learning from but give them their due credit in terms of money, rewards and popularity, love and affection. 

Regarding Resource Management -   In the IF, NM SM and L categories - resources need to be managed by different people for each segment.  This is the case with moneys, manpower and materials.  As for markets a logical sequence would be IF -> NM -> SM -> L.  There can always be exceptions based on quality, acceptability and productivity.  It is left to individual segments to decide on resource pooling partner choice.  You are suggested to take the advice of business consultants who know the trends. 

- Nalini